Making the love from around the world visible,
we desire to see mutually supporting communities of people built.

Our Principles

Global Mission Japan is a Non Profit Organization, striving to help victimized people upon the foundation of true love. GMJ highly values human dignity while we endeavor to contribute to disaster relief, regional safety, and international liason. GMJ also would like to participate in community development with economical reconstruction, vitalization of economy, and creating/expanding job opportunities. Our main focus is on Fukushima Prefecture at the moment but we would go anywhere in the world where we can be a help. With our activities, we sincerely desire to contribute to improvement of people's life quality and expansion of the disaster affected areas, so that the victimized people will have fulfilling life in the days to come

A Word from the Chairperson

Together For Future of Hope

Thank you very much for visiting Global Mission Japan website. Many years have already passed since the Great East Japan Disaster, which we all wish it had been a bad dream. Fukushima prefecture was hit by triple disaster: the devastating earthquake, the devastating tsunami and the devastating nuclear power plant meltdown. Fukushima is still on the way to her restoration/reconstruction. We as GMJ started our activities as more than ten thousand volunteers from all over Japan and from 40 other countries. We are profoundly aware that we could come so far because of mental, moral and material support from innumerable friends like you.Words fail to express our gratitude.
A great number of individuals and many organizations, beside the government and local governments, have been undertaking the mountainous amount of problems and challenges. Yet the needs are too numerous and multifaceted and we feel helpless. If and when people like you would work together with us by sending your thoughts, your prayers and your donations, I believe that a number of afflicted people will find healing of heart, restoration of desire to live and a fresh start for brighter future. I am quite certan that that will spread far and wide like a wild fire. May the Creator God, our Father, pour out His blessings on you.

Our Profile

Our Name Non Profit Organization Global Mission Japan
Location 2-7 Amako-Machi, Taira, Iwaki-Shi,
Fukushima-Ken, Japan 970-8026
Phone Number +81 246 23 5490
Fax Number +81 246 23 5492
Established (date) July 25th, 2012
Board of Directors Chairperson       Akira Mori
Vice Chairperson  Izumi Ono
Director           Hideaki Hiruta
Auditor            Takamitsu Honda
Auditor            Kazue Sakuma


March - June 2011 The Great East Japan Earthquake.
Relief supplies and volunteers poured into Global Mission Chapel,
resulting in the birth of Global Mission Japan as private organization. Emergency relief operation was set in action, mainly in Iwaki City.
Medical team to evacuation centers. Debris removal by volunteers. Relief supplies to evacuation shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, later to temporary housings. Providing hot meals and foot bath (feet washing) at evacuation shelters, later to temporary housings.
Attentive listening teams and musicians to evacuation shelters/temporary housings. Support to establish evacuee's association at temporary housings.
Opened our Distribution Center of relief supplies, and a cafe space for evacuee's fellowship at our base.
July 2012 Registered as Non Profit Organization for the purpose of long-term support operation.
September 2012 Set up "Usuiso Support Center" at tsunami-devastated Usuiso on the coast of Iwaki City, for the local people's interaction.
Support activities for the people in several of the temporary housings.
2013 Support activities for the people in several of the temporary housings.
Started Tai Chi classes for physical wellness. Initiated Ukulele classes for mental wellness.
Helping an afflicted farmer started (demolished collapsed shed, helped to resume rice farming, etc)
Coordinated the repeat volunteers from in and out of Japan. Functioning as a liason agent between the afflicted people and the volunteers.
Accepted into the Cabinet Office Subsidized Project.
2014 Support activities for the people in several of the temporary housings.
Accepted again into the Cabinet Office Subsidized Project.
2015 Support activities for the people in several of the temporary housings.
Accepted yet again into the Cabinet Office Subsidized Project.The project terminated by the end of this fiscal year.
2016 In addition to support measures the temporary housings residents, we started support operations in the towns/villages of returning victims.
Started also to support the difficult-to-return zone's local governments temporarily residing in Iwaki city.
By utilization of the network among the local organizations,collaboration was furthered.
Accepted into the Reconstruction Agency Subsidized Project (new).


Financial Statement

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