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Immediately after the Disaster,we did what we couild - no matter how small - to help the suffering victims. Five days after the Disaster, first relief supplies and then volunteers started coming to us, from all over Japan and across the world.Some rented a van to bring supplies.Some took 2 - 3 weeks off from work. People got mud all over them as they cleaned buildings and cleared debris - smiling all the way. We were deeply moved by their dedication to the victims.Many, many came to us from oversees without knowing anyone, paying their way. The volunteers from oversees represented 40 nations. The cumulative total number of people from within and without is more than 15,000.
Some people took the disaster to their matter as if it happened to them, although they were on the other side of the globe. They shared the pain of the Fukushima people. Heart moved and filled with gratitude, we learned that we are a part of this wide world. Together with all those who are spread across the globe, we are connected as one. We have yet long ways to go for restoration, but we are convinced that our mandate is to materialize our dream. So we move forward one step at a time, helped and enouraged by your heartfelt support. We aim at: Promoting healthy body and heart; Nurturing thoughtfulness; Building up communities of harmonious living of generations; Creating a place of fellowship for the victims, settlers and residents; and sending out correct information of Fukushima.
New Activity

For Deeper Friendshsip

Visiting the victims

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As restrictions being lifted, quite many evacuees are returning home. But there are people still in temporary housings. Some of them tend to shut themselves in. We will visit and listen to them,and make effort to prevent people from isolation.Even if there would be only one, we will do our best for that one person. We will assist those who live in Disaster assistance housings to form their own community. For those in finanacial challenges we will provide help in co-operation with Japan Food Bank.

For Happy and Healthy Living

Tai Chi Chuan Classes

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Curing Tai Chi for senior people's restoration to health, and Martial Tai Chi for youths and children contributing to psychosomatic discipline and to nursing compassion. Our instructor goes his rounds amongst the evacuees from Namie, Futaba, Ookuma, Tomioka and Naraha towns, still living in the temporary housings scattered over several locations of Iwaki. We desire to provide an opportunity to interact, as well as to contribute to rebuilding of communities. Our instructor visits also the "returnees", people who returned to hometowns. More than 200 classes per year.

Sprint Class

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Since the Disaster, children beyond count were held back from playing in the open air. "Ninja Class" was started to teach such children the basics of sprint. An active athlete heads the classes for schoolchildren (elementgary and Junior High) in Hirono Town and Naraha Town. The classes are held when local events take place, and require no uniform or equipment. Future sprint gold medalists in wait, maybe?!

Choir Class

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We arrange these classes in several locations. Old friends now scattered needed occasions to get together, and singing in a choir proves to be an excellent one. People regardless of age and skill have joined and get encouraged as they sense oneness, comradery and security feeling through the singing time. We desire to see our areas vitalized and the relationship amongst people become more wholesome.

English Class

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For a better life after retirement, We hold a simple English lesson for adults with the help of foreign teachers. The participants learn basic English conversation through casual exchanges in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere!

For Meaningful Life - Sweating for Others

Community Garden

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A farmer whom we have been supporting with many volunteers provided a portion of his field. Thanks to that, our desire to come closer with the victims and locals through gardening was materialized in the form of community garden. We manage this community garden as a plaza for fellowship. People's health improves both physically and mentally as they enjoy gardening in the nature.

To Know Fukushima's Today

Disaster Prevention Lessons

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We sense we are responsible to pass on the stories of the Great Disaster and the nuclear power plant meltdown to generations after us. With kind co-operation of a couple, two survivors of devastating tsunami, from Usuiso village, we provide opportunities for schoolchildren of elementary and middle schools to hear the first hand informations of the disaster. We desire people of the nation and the world never to forget Fukushima.

Tour to a Resurrected Factory

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At this moment, the residential-bloc and seawall construction project is advancing. Yet harmful rumors concerning radiation contamination keep causing the local fishery and seafood processing industries great damages. We guide people to a seeweed processing factory we helped to clean up debris in 2011 and is in business now, hoping this will help people from outside of Fukushima to get rid of misunderstandings and prejudices.

Our Activities in the Past

Emergency Support Action

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Our Base / Livelihood Support Center

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Temporary Housings Visitation

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Supporting Events for Recovery

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